Bad food experience

Under no circumstance should anyone order Thai Express food from Cuisine Xpress. Unless, of course, you like starving, in which case I would ask you to please go right on ahead.

A group of colleagues and I working on the afternoon shift decided to have some Thai food for a change and ordered in. I had a curried soft shell crab (served with steam rice). We put in our orders at 7.20pm and were told to wait for between an hour to 90 minutes.

One hour later, our food arrived and guess what? There was NO RICE accompanying my food! How ridiculous is that? I called up the company to complain and the poor girl could only put me on hold, apologize and tell me that my rice would reach me in 30 minutes’ time. The deliveryman had to go back to the restaurant, wait for the rice to be served before sending it to me.

I was starving and needless to say, did not really enjoy my meal by the time my bowl of rice was finally on my desk. My stomach is now churning madly and I feel nauseous.

So BOO to Thai Express, your service sucks! Sawadee my ass!