Two of Us

The story of us

“!(imgleft)!(The ONE bookmark that started it all)”:

Because it’s Valentine’s Day today (not that we are particularly into this whole concept of expensive roses and overpriced chocolates), I believe I have a right to be mushy and absolutely, disgustingly nostalgic.

Actually, I don’t really remember when was the first time we laid eyes on each other. It was probably when I was 17 (1998) and still singing in the VJChoir. We did a guest performance during Chorale’s concert that year and had to go for joint practices during weekends. All I can remember of my first impression of him was thinking to myself: “who is this fat dude talking to us about the forum?” Not nice. Anyway, I was preoccupied with other boys at that time (sobs) and he was nothing but a passing acquaintance.

I had been pretty close to my seniors then, who had just graduated from the college, and they had this big Chorale clique going on. They went back to the school together pretty often and I would drop by and say hi. And I think that’s how we became friends.

In 1999, I ran a bookmark-making project (see above) for the choir to raise funds for our Germany trip and somehow, he sneakily managed to get hold of my ICQ (yes, that ancient, prehistoric IM) number and started messaging me under the pretext of wanting to help in the contributions. We started chatting but my boy troubles lasted till towards the end of my JC life and I wasn’t looking for another mess on my hands again. He asked me out a few times but I never thought it went beyond a platonic friendship.

Oddly enough, something must have changed because I actually went out on a movie date with him in the midst of studying for my A’Levels (points to you if you remember the details, baby!). And from then on, everything fell into place and we started dating. We went for movies, dinners and walks by the beach. The process of finding out about everything about someone new was quite exciting and exhilarating then.

It was quite funny because he really tried very hard during that period of time. I would go back to the school to study and he would drive by with a tub of Haagan-Dazs mango sorbet (my favourite) for me. He even woke up extra early just to send me to school during my examinations.

There were many a time when I wondered if I was crazy to go out with this man because he was a good seven years older than I was (and at 18, believe me, you would feel the difference acutely). I had just gotten out of some trying times and wasn’t sure if I could handle another relationship so quickly. I wanted to be sure that it was love and not infatuation or rebound.

But in the end, I felt that if I never tried, I would never know what the conclusion would be. And that’s how he and I became us.

Not the most exciting story in the world but hey, we’re still here today.


I went to bed with a smile on my face last night because he had said he wanted to take me out for dinner today. This, coming from a man who normally relied on his girlfriend to arrange for dates and who usually had no specific preferences for activities, was rather rare. Plus, he’s not quite the kind to spring surprises on me so I’m rather amused and am wondering what tricks he has up his short sleeves.

Happy Valentine’s, everyone.