Two of Us

Till death do us part?

I wish I could go on a feminist rant and start a tirade against Valentine’s Day but I can’t, simply because I had a smashing good time. Dinner was sumptious wagyu beef at Aburiya, accompanied by a delicious tomato and cucumber salad and a fabulous beef stew. It was followed by draught Hoegaarden beer and lychee martinis, and a good dose of rocking music at Wala-wala. I’m not going into details because it’s probably boring to everyone else but us and, well, it’s nice to keep some aspects of the relationship offline.

But I’m still not really a Valentine’s Day girl – don’t give me expensive roses and gifts on that day, I’d rather go for the small, sweet actions that you do for me everyday.


It sounds strange but being an avid blog reader, I have come across the breakdown of more than one marriage of those whose blogs I read in the past year. I do not know these people personally but nonetheless, it still makes me sad to read about the divorces.

I couldn’t help but wonder: whatever happened to “till death do us part”?

Was it because the couples chose to ignore the changes that had occurred in each other and in the relationships? Or was it because of the growth of differing opinions and perspectives in important issues between the two? Was something, or someone, the cause of the chasm? What dilluted the passion and turned it into bile?

It honestly scares me because it makes the idea of marriage less sacred than I had thought it to be. And it makes me think twice about whether I am really ready for marriage.

On paper, it seems that this is the perfect time to take the relationship into the next step, having dated for more than seven years. But sometimes, I look into the mirror and a child is staring back at me. Am I ready to share my life with someone else? And be the parent of my own child? Do we have enough tolerance, patience and love in us to make it work?