Health Goddess

Happy pumping

The objective was to push myself a little bit harder than before.

I have been going through Pump classes for a while now without feeling any aches or pains the next day so I figured my body had gotten used to the weights. My competitive nature set in and I thought it would be good to just add more itsy bitsy weights to the bar as a test.

Boy, am I regretting it now.

My thighs are cursing me for my arrogance and they are protesting by giving me twinges of pain whenever I sit or walk. My shoulders are stiff and unyielding, I suspect they are not entirely happy with me either. My baby biceps sulk a little when I lift my arms.

Well, too bad. Im off for another pump class soon at Cathay.

Guess they will just have to suffer in silence. Am I a sucker for pain or what. Heh.

Masochist, over and out.