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Looks from the 79th Academy Awards

Hands up to those who weren’t bored by the Oscars yesterday. I knew it, it was such a snoozer that I was hardly thrilled by it. And now that I am down with viral stomach flu because of the vile Indian food I had after work (there was absolutely no time for me to even take a loo break, let alone take lunch), the Oscars is even less appealing to me now.

But well, at least there were some decent frocks on display yesterday. If last year’s affair was a dull one, this year’s was even worse.

Here is this fashionista’s choices of the top picks from the 79th Academy Awards:
“!(imgcenter)!(Click for larger image)”:

Penelope Cruz (first row, left): Her Versace gown is a throwback to when the awards was all about glamour and prestige. While I am not too sure about the colour (such a dull shade of pink), I really like the billowing skirt with the feathered ruffles.

Cate Blanchett (first row, middle): Oh Cate, can she do any wrong? Her Armani Prive metallic toga gown is so elegant and classy, just like the lady herself. It complements her alabaster skin and willowy height. Pure genius.

Nicole Kidman (first row, right): Looks like Nicole has found her muse in Balenciaga. Some dislike the giant bow at her shoulder but I think it’s a magnificent detail that draws your attention to her height. The red is striking among the sea of neutrals and is perfect for her glowing, fair skin.

Kirsten Dunst (second row, left): Kirsten looks like a sweetheart in this vintage, flapper-style Chanel Couture dress. While everyone else is baring their shoulders, she chooses to cover them up with this delicate number. I really love the cut of this dress, especially the feathers at the mermaid hem.

Reese Witherspoon (second row, middle): Go, Reese! Show your philandering ex-husband what he is missing out on! I love the poker straight hair that makes her look so fresh and perky, as well as the strapless Nina Ricci dress. The classic train, interesting layers and pretty colour gradient makes this a winner.

Dita von Teese (second row, right): This is not strictly Oscars fashion since it was snapped at an Oscars party but oh, how can anyone not love Dita’s fashion sense (when she has her clothes on, that is). This frothy frock with a feminine full skirt (ooh lots of alliteration in the sentence there) harkens back to the days of Stepford Wives, an era which I absolutely adore.

Maggie Gyllenhaal (third row, left): I love, love Maggie Gyllenhaal especially after catching her wonderful performance in Secretary. She has never been the typical Hollywood babe and there is this air of quirkiness about her that is so endearing. I love her brother too but that’s another post for another day. Here, she looks like a goddess in the navy blue Proenza Schouler toga dress. Not too sure about the velvety back patch of hem but hey, she looks a million dollars in it! Love the sexy-sweet neckline too and the one-shouldered sparkly strap.

Kate Winslet (third row, middle): After watching Little Children, I have come to adore Kate Winslet even more. She is such an amazing actress, slipping effortlessly into her roles. Here, she cuts an elegant figure in her Valentino toga dress. Love the colour on her, love the detailed neckline, love the way it drapes her full figure.

4 thoughts on “Looks from the 79th Academy Awards”

  1. Best Picture/Director for an inferior remake of a Hongkong thriller..what a shouldnt even win the Golden Horse/Bear/Monkey/Unicorn, not to mention an Oscar


  2. i didn’t catch the departed, was it all that good/bad?

    cruz’s gown reminds me a little of cameron diaz’s ruffly Golden Globes gown. i liked Dita von Teese’s, but who on earth is she man…


  3. Funny thing was – when the award was announced for Best Picture – the MC said it was an adaptation of a “Japanese” film…

    Dita von Teese is some model, actress more famous for being Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife…


  4. Dita von Teese is a famous burlesque artist in her own right. She always has a vintage sense of style.

    Apparently Departed is not as good as Infernal Affairs….which was why I refused to watch it.


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