The organised chaos

It’s official!


The precious photo card is now safely tucked in my wallet.

I’m hankering after a nice, chilled lychee martini somehow. It’s probably time to go out for drinks one of these days. I like sitting down somewhere with a drink in hand, good company and sparkling conversation. If only I could do it more often.


Bad food experience

Under no circumstance should anyone order Thai Express food from Cuisine Xpress. Unless, of course, you like starving, in which case I would ask you to please go right on ahead.

A group of colleagues and I working on the afternoon shift decided to have some Thai food for a change and ordered in. I had a curried soft shell crab (served with steam rice). We put in our orders at 7.20pm and were told to wait for between an hour to 90 minutes.

One hour later, our food arrived and guess what? There was NO RICE accompanying my food! How ridiculous is that? I called up the company to complain and the poor girl could only put me on hold, apologize and tell me that my rice would reach me in 30 minutes’ time. The deliveryman had to go back to the restaurant, wait for the rice to be served before sending it to me.

I was starving and needless to say, did not really enjoy my meal by the time my bowl of rice was finally on my desk. My stomach is now churning madly and I feel nauseous.

So BOO to Thai Express, your service sucks! Sawadee my ass!

The organised chaos

For love or for money

One school of thought says that money is more important. If you are doing something that you aren’t really fond of, the money that you are making can help to offset the dissatisfaction.

The other school believes that as long as there is love and money to keep you alive, nothing is more important than the enjoyment of what you do. Having the love keeps you going and becoming better at what you do and in time, the money will come.

Who should I listen to?

Foodnotes, Geek Girl

Just because…


It’s Monday morning and my entire post was deleted due to my klutzy fingers hitting the ‘ctrl + r’ buttons.

And Singapore are now the proud winners of the ASEAN Football Championship. Despite the scrappy way they played, I’m proud of the Lions for not giving up and fighting till the end.

My bad football experience was then nullified by the fantastic way the Red Devils demolished Spurs. Eat our dust, Chelski!

Oh, and I love Ichiban Boshi and its sister company, Ichiban Sushi. It serves the best tasting and freshest Japanese fare at prices that hit all the right spots. No more sucky Sakae sushi for me!

And I’m going to miss the Canon IXUS 900 Ti that I’m returning tomorrow. It’s one of the best compact cameras I have used, producing high quality images that are sharp and vivid. It’s got great DOF and captures wonderful details at Macro mode. Its colours might be a little cool sometimes but it’s nothing Photoshop cannot fix. It has been my faithful companion through Krabi and Bangkok, welcomed the new year with me and its manual functions are perfect for control freaks like me. Goodbye IXUS, let’s hope you will be mine again soon. At a discounted price, of course.

The organised chaos

Spring Cleaning

Strange, WordPress is acting all wonky on me. Gaah!

Anyway, this is just a short note to say that I have locked up most of 2006’s posts in the Werk category. Most of you (yes, all five of you) would have read it, this is just done to protect my privacy from certain snoopers who have recently been introduced to my blog.

The password remains the same and if you want to get hold of it, text me or drop me a line.


Little Miss Shopaholic

The art of diamonds

“!(imgleft)!(Tiffany’s Lucida)”:
It’s really quite dull being sick and stuck at home. The virus has thankfully been demolished, sort of, and the only symptoms I have are a congested nose, scratchy throat and freezing even when under a quilt. The Internet is now my best friend and my current obsessions are furnishings for the flat (which will only be ready next year) and DIAMONDS.

Like most girls, I love diamonds. I love how they wink and flash under the sunlight. Even though my poor old ring was only a pointer ring, it could still gleam brightly when the sunlight catches it in the right angle. However, my love for these stones is a superficial one – I merely look at the aesthetics and have zero knowledge of how to differentiate a good stone from a not so good one. So, with my two days in exile from civilisation, I decided to pick up some knowledge from the WWW.

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Everything Else

A terrible match

“!(imgleft)!(Boo, Thailand!)”:
If last Saturday’s match was a hideous display of football, then yesterday’s Singapore-Thailand final of the ASEAN Football Championship was downright abysmal, and I’m not just talking about the football techniques and skills.

Well for one thing, there wasn’t much skill involved. It was dreadful. The set pieces were taken badly and I wonder why they can’t take their free and corner kicks properly (ie: a nice curving cross into the box) instead of trying out newfangled combinations destined for failure. The defence had a tendency to lapse into Rio Ferdinand’s levels of concentration and the midfield was not as commanding as Roy Keane (yes, I do miss that old bugger, Carrick may as well be invisible). The strikers lack a solid, thumping finishing and had zero vision 99 percent of the time.

The Thais were not much better. Whether it’s due to fatigue or pressure, they seemed rather fragile and were prone to collapsing and getting stretchered off, especially in the first half of the match. They were speedier than the Singapore team but lacked creativity and finishing.

But the talk of the town is, of course, the walkout staged by the Thai team after a penalty was awarded to the Singaporean team when Noh Alam Shah was seemingly brought down in the Thais’ penalty box (see the boyfriend’s photo of the supposed foul).

Referees make the worst judgement calls all in the time, it happens even in the EPL. But players do not walk off the pitch as a form of protest and neither will their coach encourage them to do so. It’s absurd, unthinkable and reeks of poor sportsmanship. Shame on you, Thailand team!

On the flip side, the match was especially enjoyable because of a group of young Indian lads sitting behind us. They were loud and obnoxious and very Singaporean in their comments. Here are some samples:

  • (when the referee ignored a foul on a Singaporean player) – “What, the guy must stab him then can give yellow card is it?”
  • (when the Singaporean wingers were slow to counter attack) – “Run, moron, run!”
  • (when a chubby ball boy ran after a loose ball) – “Look at that, ball running after a ball.”
  • (when the fans started cheering that rude Malay word) – “I love my country’s cheer. I never felt more Singaporean than now. Uniquely Singapore, man!”
  • (when the officials were trying to calm the angry Thai team down after the walkout) – “Eh, how long they want to talk cock sing song ah?”
  • (when the Thai team finally walked back to the pitch) – “Eh, take your tuk tuk home lah! Tom yum soup!”

I hate to think of how hostile the environment will be when the Lions pay a visit to Bangkok’s stadium. It’s going to be a pressure cooker and I hope they can handle it.