The organised chaos

The Very Boring Story

The Giant Purple Monster shook off the cobwebs of sleep from his brain when his Mama burst into his bedroom and demanded that he wake up immediately. After she left the room, he sat up in his bed gingerly and with a weary mind. OUtside his window, the world was grey with rain.

He hung his Giant Head heavily for a good five minutes and stared at his Purple Furry Knees before stomping his way to the bathroom. As he brushed his fearsome teeth, he stared at his reflection in the mirror and heaved a mighty sigh that trembled through his giant fluffy purple body.

Stepping out of the bathroom, he peered into his meagre wardrobe and pondered over what he should wear today. He thought and thought for a while before pulling out a comfortable jacket to ward off the chilly cold. He then tried to comb his Fluffy Purple Fur but no matter how he tried to browbeat them with his giant wooden brush, they still stuck out at different angles, almost as if they had a mind of their own. He could only wave his brush threateningly at them before slumping his magnificent shoulders and giving up.

As he sat down for breakfast, he chewed his Egg Sandwiches thoughtfully. Suddenly, there were crackling sounds popping out from his fearsome mouth. There were eggshells in his Egg Sandwiches! He bellowed out to Mama giant purple monster about the eggshells but she ignored his protests and continued reading her newspapers blisfully. He shook his head and stared down at his Egg Sandwiches before deciding not to eat the last slice.

The giant purple monster pulled on a cheery red pair of Converse sneakers and made his way to the train station. It was crowded and everyone pushed and shoved, which irritated him very much. Where did they get their Appalling Monstrous Manners from, he thought sulkily, as a young monster girl pushed past him to run towards an empty door at the station.

As luck would have it, he missed his connecting train and had to settle for the next train. As he waited, the rude young monster girl stood behind him and when the train arrived, she shoved him aside to rush for an empty seat. Her crimes were further exacerbated when she took out a sandwich from her bag and started eating it in the train. The nerve!

He sulked all the way to his stop and while waiting for the company’s shuttle bus to bring him to work. Again, it was crowded and still raining. When the shuttle bus arrived, all the Big R monsters rushed forward and the giant purple monster cursed silently at their Appalling Monstrous Behaviour in his giant brain.

When he finally got to work, he turned on his Very Boring PC and logged on to the start of a boring, grey day. He started typing and soon finished The Very Boring Story while in stealth mode.

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