Squirt and her (s)Melly

The onslaught of rain for the past days have no only turned my world into a dull, grey one but it’s also managed to make me feel rather dreary too. I was all ready to remain in this mood until my dinner appointment at Mezza9 later until I read Squirt’s blog. A smile just formed on my lips and I could imagine her adorable sense of delight sweeping in from her side over to mine.

“when i opened the car door, there was a beautiful bouquet of three deep red roses on my seat! =) surprise no. 1


made our way back to the car and set off for my place. stopped below my block to say bye bye, and then he told me… to look in the glove compartment. haha… so unexpected and sweet.

there was a blue box in there. inside was a this pair of green and gold earrings that i had admired the other day when out with him. i thought it might match my evening gown for the wedding. and he had remembered that i liked it and gone back and bought it!”

Squirt, Popartgirl and I go way back to junior college days and surprisingly enough, also the first one to get hitched. We adore her like we adore nobody else and it certainly makes us very happy to see her blissfully in love.

Now, to call Fedex for a makeshift, ugly box to hold her red packets during the wedding and to buy that 46J cup bra as a present.

“!(imgcenter)!(The Squirt and I mucking around)”:

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