The organised chaos

For the aging Red Devils

“!(imgcenter)!(Oh Giggsy, you’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Giggsy!)”:

Not too long ago, a very esteemed colleague of mine said to me in a typical, patronizing fashion: “No offense but Man U is a bunch of aging players. Look at Giggs, Neville, Scholes, Larsson…they are all old men on the field. Man U is weak and they have no future. Their time is up.”

Tonight, let it be known that an excellent team of “aging players” whipped his youthful and talented Liverpool into defeat.

This, despite United’s team of veteran players, including one who has appeared for the club 700 times.

This, despite a visionary playmaker being sent off.

This, despite the substitution of one of United’s strikers after a Liverpool player smashed his foot into Rooney’s knee, drawing blood.

This, despite alarmingly scrappy play which saw them give away 12 corner kicks and having only six shots while the Reds had 15.

He should have known that in football, anything can happen.

Don’t worry dude, none taken.

PS Photo was taken during United’s game against Lille in the UEFA Champions League.

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