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Happy 5th birthday, baby!

“!(imgcenter)!(I love my baby)”:

“Baby” in this case does not mean the other half. It’s my precious iMac G4.

It’s been FIVE long years for my baby and I and our relationship is still going strong.

Except for that one time it briefly lost consciousness, my baby has never failed me yet. Its little 700MHz processor is still plodding on sturdily and despite its lack of frills and teeny USB 1.1 connection, it’s still my best computing pal.

Throughout our years together, we have seen many new models come and go. Yes, there have been times when I was sorely tempted to plonk my cash down for a newer, swankier and faster machine but there has never been a looker as gorgeous as my baby. Plus, it’s been so faithful that I cannot bear to give it away, willingly, to someone else who might not love it as much as I do.

Though it’s turning yellow now, my baby is still the best looking kid on the block. And at about S$2.4k, it’s been my BEST investment EVER.

So, happy birthday, baby and here’s to many more years ahead! Who knows, maybe this will be an inheritance for the future baby yAnns.

God only knows what I’d be without you!

Edit: Yes, someone on flickr has just informed me that it’s actually baby’s 5th birthday. I miscalculated! Urgh argh argh.

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