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Heroes revealed



I just caught episodes 17 and 18 and I was utterly blown away.

What makes “Heroes” an awesome show, to me, is its clever twists and the idea of ordinary people coming to terms with their not-so-ordinary powers. Just when you think you have come to understand one character, the writers throw out an amazing revelation that completely changes your mind.

And rather than having muscled men fighting injustice in the world and romancing pretty women, here you have a whole spectrum of characters to choose from – a Japanese geek who can bend time and space, an all-American cheerleader who can heal spontaneously, a gentle soul who absorbs powers through empathy, a drug addict who can paint the future. Its immense success could be traced to how the audience can readily accept the idea of these everyday characters gaining powers through genetic mutation as the human race evolves to survive. In a way, it’s as believable as how Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker became heroes through circumstances not of their own choosing or doing.

The line between good and evil is blurred, nobody is perfect in the world of “Heroes”. Some stay in the grey, some try to be good and some are evil, but not without nuance. Nobody is just a one-dimensional character, not even the quiet Haitian who manages to spring a few surprises on us despite not speaking much.

Can I just say that I think Masi Oka is so adorable. Of all the heroes, he is the most engaging and charming. Even little Hiro, as shown in a character’s flashback in episode 17, is as cute as a button.

I can’t believe I have to wait another six weeks for the next episode. But in the meantime, there’s always “Battlestar Galactica” and “Lost” to catch up on.

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