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Wood Would

“!(imgcenter)!(Wood Would packaging)”:

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

I recently discovered this charming little shop located on the the third floor of The Cathay. It has the most interesting name: Wood Would.

I first stumbled upon it with the boyfriend after gym and immediately fell in love with it. It has a warm, cosy feel with shelves and displays of paper with gorgeous prints, cute retro tin toys and old Enid Blyton books which I used to own. There were vintage typewriters and cameras, as well as whimsical cards and notebooks. Eschewing those metallic display shelves that look so minimalist and feel so cold, the owners of the shop had used old wooden tables to showcase their products, which made the place feel homely and comforting.

As I was in need of a 2007 diary, the boyfriend got me one of those really funny and zany holographic ones:

“!(imgcenter)!(My Wonder Years diary)”:

Their packaging is also classy: everything that you buy goes into a maroon paper bag that’s so simple and chic, along with an elastic bookmark that ends in the wooden head of a clown.

One thing about the shop was that it was not posh and snooty. The salesgirl, a sweet young thing, was enthusiastic and you could see that she really enjoyed being in the shop. She was extremely helpful and share my mirth in watching those tin robots march across the glass display after being wound up. She didn’t even mind it when I glided around the shop more than three times and touched practically everything in sight, my tactile need rising inevitably in the presence of beautiful things.

If you happen to be at The Cathay, do pop down to Wood Would for some aesthetic pleasure.


4 thoughts on “Wood Would”

  1. Urs is the 2nd post i’ve read today recommending shop(s) at The Cathay! (The other’s To-A-Tee)

    I think I need to make a trip down soon.. hmm


  2. I went in there too, everything’s beautiful! But so pricey. In case anyone’s interested, I’ve bought two items from another shop in The Cathay, called Clique or something like that. They’re a bit New Age-y and ethnic-inspired.


  3. Rie – you should! Okay, not all the shops are great and Wood Would IS a little pricey but it’s still worth a trip.

    akm, popartgirl – yah. That’s why I touch all the things but buy only one.


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