It’s official, I am looking

After today’s entirely ridiculous episode based on a mindless and vicious complaint, I have decided that this company is not worth staying in.

I don’t think I am in any mood to tolerate the American Asshat’s nonsense and utterly childish motives. If he were to pick on me over something as stupid as this again, I am going to lodge a formal complaint against him, no matter the cost.

I am sick of his malicious manipulation and his tireless efforts to blacken my name, even when I am no longer working in his department. It’s just too bad for him that my direct supervisor likes me and thinks that I am doing a hell of a job, so much so that she has observed that I am capable of going beyond my current duties and is willing to train me to take on more. It’s just too bad that I had the chance to speak to his supervisor about his nasty behaviour as a manager.

I refuse to work in an environment where I have to constantly watch my back and wonder if what I am doing now can be used against me. Today, I am distracting the subs by talking to them over instant messaging (it was just ONE person in ONE day). Tomorrow I could be taking too many breaks and the day after, I could be laughing too loudly in office. It’s sick and I do not want to live this way.

This place is ill-managed and run poorly by people who may have once been good at what they did but are just not suitable to be managers. So much for being a multi-national news media.

So, if you know of any place that is looking for editorial, marketing or corporate communications staff, let me know.

5 thoughts on “It’s official, I am looking”

  1. i’m still at the same place un/fortunately. tried something last year, but ended back here again. no good, no good *wags finger*


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