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Dashing off

I’ve been so busy these days that I think my posting frequency has reached that of Popartgirl’s ie. once every blue moon. But honestly, I cannot fathom how some bloggers have all the time in the world to blog three times a day, complete with a full photo album for each posting. As it is, I have a few folders full of pictures to process and a handful of articles to write, most of them just simmering in the mind right now.

It’s going to be a busy weekend, mixed with work and fun. Tomorrow will be the first time I get onto the saddle of a bike since five years ago (?) and it’s going to be quite exciting navigating the trails of Mandai. Assuming I survive it all with energy to spare, I will write more about it when I get back.

But now, got to run! Am late for researching on an article close to my heart: shopping!

“!(imgcenter)!(My last cycling trip on Ubin)”:

Circa 2002