Two of Us

The art of little apartments

Because I firmly believe in doing my homework earlier (oh, how I wish I had this sort of resolution when I was a student), I have been scouting around design sites in order to get some ideas for our little East End.

We are going to be low on budget and it’s highly unlikely that we will be hiring an interior designer. I’m not exactly the most innovative person when it comes to design since all I am good at is appreciating the aesthetic beauty of things but not putting them together. I foresee the dude is going to have to be my practical guiding light (putting his foot down and saying “no, no, no”) and both he and Trevor will have to be the creative ones.

Thank goodness for the Internet then. A quick Google search is able to help me uncover some of the more popular and infinitely informative sites that have given my ideas some discernible shape.

Apartment Therapy‘s Smallest Coolest Apartment contest site is one of the best resources out there. If I had thought East End was tiny, I was proven undoubtedly wrong for some of the apartments featured were little less than half the size of East End. But through good design principles, a unifying theme and ingenious use of space and colours, these apartments look a million dollars.

Another helpful site for those on perpetual shoestring budgets is Ikea Hacker. It features cool creations from readers who transform their non-descript Ikea furniture into objects with entirely different purposes. Drawer mats become tote bags and (this is my favourite) a daybed is turned into a cosy corner for two!

Design*Sponge focuses on all aspects of the interior design process, from furnishings to decorations and often draws the spotlight to little online stores that sell unique products.

Of course, who could talk about interior design without mentioning MoCo Loco where all things beautiful, modern and exquisite are showcased. MoCo Loco is also good for quirky things that you wouldn’t find in your neighbourhood furniture mall.

It really is quite cool looking at all those gorgeous designs and I feel as if my mind has opened up quite a bit. In fact, I might even invest in “How to live in small spaces” and “Storage: Get organised” by the maestro of interior design himself, Terence Conran.

One last online resource that I turn to is Flickr. It’s amazing how many breathtaking pictures of apartments are taken all around the globe. One of my favourite finds is OM Home and I am loving the clean look and simple lines that their apartment sports.

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