The organised chaos, Two of Us


It’s now 3.09pm and the boyfriend is still nowhere in sight. He was supposed to pick me up at “two plus” (in his own words) and at 2.40pm, he called and said he was still at home and needed a shower. Go figure.

I’ve been bugging him to get tickets for Phantom of the Opera since March and nope, no sign of the tickets. I’ve sent him a list of potential venues for the wedding and nope, no comments as yet. He’s supposed to get his mother to pick out an auspicious date for the wedding and I doubt he has done that. And he actually got mad at me when I pointed out that procrastination is his middle name and I can’t entrust certain tasks to him during an argument.

One of these days, this dumb quirk will drive me over the edge and I will explode and kick him so hard he will end up in China or beyond (despite the fact that he is more than twice my size).

Am I annoyed? You bet. Men and their stupidity.