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Kate Moss Topshop

I have to admit: I am a huge fan of the headline hogging Miss Moss. While I don’t quite care for her cocaine loving ways or her deplorable taste in men, it is very obvious that this leggy clotheshorse has a fabulous style of her own outside of the catwalk. Plus, it definitely does not hurt that she has a body that seems to be made for clothing to flow on.

But does her own oh-so-eclectic way of dressing translate well into clothes for the ordinary folks? Let’s take a look at her line for Topshop.

! Moss for Topshop)!
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Thank you, Gunners!

For helping to crown Man U as the champions of the English Premier League this season.

! between Hucks and I)!:

Thanks to Hucks for keeping me company as we both whined, bitched and chewed our fingernails off while praying that Arse can whip the asses of a 10-men Chelski (they couldn’t but hey, not complaining!).

As an old song goes,
We’ll maintain the status quo
Man United here we go!


So long, for now

Do you ever have days when even though so many things have happened, you just can’t seem to write it down properly?

Tonight feels like one of those days.

I have gone and done it – served my resignation to my very wonderful boss. It was quick and painless, and basically lost among the shocking news that the company might be bought over.

Believe me, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do and especially when I felt I was letting down both my boss and my London trainer. I was on the verge of crying when chatting with Hams, who had just started work in the London office, as he kept urging me to “cancel” my resignation.

I told him everything – about the latest episode of bullying, about the fact that I would probably have to wait for two years here to get a promotion and a hefty pay raise, about how uncertain a future I would have here, about how I didn’t want to work in an environment where I had to dodge malicious attacks. He told me they had intended me to run the outfit by myself at the end of the year and how he wished he could be here to help change things, HR-wise.

But he isn’t here and his hands are tied.

I’ve missed him and I will miss him, he was everything I would have ever wanted in a boss.

No matter. The die has been cast and there really is no turning back. I just have to move on ahead and hope that the choice is a correct one.

Someone told me that if I am getting bored with my work, it means that work has failed to stimulate me and I am getting too intelligent for what I am doing. I would then have to answer this question: should work just be something that earns me money or something more fulfilling?

Call me naive, but I really want work to be more than just a job. And that is why I have to leave this place. Maybe in future, I might want to go back again but for now, it’s adieu.

“!(imgcenter)!(The best people on the desk)”:

The people who made it all worthwhile