Silly things

Oops, downtime

So this little bloggie went belly up and into a coma last week.

Except that I, the rather negligent and errant owner, did not notice it until this morning. Gah. Bad yAnn, lazy yAnn had a folder of pictures and mind full of words to share but just not the energy or willpower to sit down and write.

The geek mechanic went into overdrive and tried to locate the problem. The site is now partially up but there are little bits here and there that are not working. Please pardon its appearance while the mechanic goes off to douse the fires of some company crisis before resuming the repair works here.

But, here is something pretty (uh-hmm) to look at while the maintenance work is going on: ME!

Yes, in deference to certain bloggers who seem to have a knack for taking dreamy, moody pictures of themselves, Cat and I have decided to come up with a self-proclaimed Shameless Cam-whoring Week. Everyday for this week, we will be putting up photos of our lovely selves taken by…ourselves.

Admittedly, I am not new to the cam-whoring train but these LJ people are professionals. As Cat will tell you, we have discovered that it’s not easy posing for ourselves, let alone take flattering shots. But they have got it down to a pat. I bow down to their amazing, shameless selves. Goddesses, they are.

Anyhow, here’s the start of the Shameless Cam-whoring Week.
Shameless factor: 8

Relaxing in The Scarlet

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