My girls and I

One of the things I miss most about choir practices is the people. More specifically, the Alto girls.

Oh, I have no doubt we are easily the noisiest, loudest people in the choir and there are probably some people who are glad that Popartgirl and I are no longer around to fool around during practices. But we are also the most cohesive section and after singing together for the past few years and competitions, we have all grown closer as friends.

Last Wednesday, Sandy thoughtfully organised a girls night out at Cafe Iguana and MOS for us altos and a couple of honorary altos (whom we have all welcomed into our folds) and we had a blast! It’s been a while since our last outing and I have forgotten how crazy we can get.

There was the customary cam-whoring, a lot of irreverent rants (about non-bloody steaks and pesky exes) and alcohol that quickly vanished down our welcoming throats. There were silly man-creeps who eyed us with eager gazes and even sillier man-creeps who tried to dance their way into our little circle. Thank heavens for graec who put aside her amusement and sniggers to pull us out of these idiots’ range.

I’ll leave the pictures to tell the story (with plenty of them making up for the lousy Shameless Cam-whoring week entries).

But I really do miss the girlies. How I adore them!

!(imgcenter) and I)!:

!(imgcenter) pose)!:

!(imgcenter) loves her margarita)!: