Mucking around with Photoshop

One of the best things about The Job is how I have learnt to do so much with Photoshop. Levels, curves, colour balances, channel mixers….I never knew what these could do until I stepped into that dreary building in Science Park. There were so many effects that one can produce with just a software application that pictures, unedited, were beginning to look dull to me.

I have been playing around with Photoshop these days to see if I can replicate the vintage effect on pictures. Thank heavens for the Internet then, which is brimming full of interesting tips and tools. I managed to learn a few cross-processing effects and have been trying them out on our girls’ night out photos. Some were marvellous while others were dreadful (my editing, I mean) but it’s been fun nonetheless.

Here are some of my favourites:

!(img) Popartgirl)!:
A great, pensive shot of Popartgirl by Cat. Lovely, lovely.

!(img) my G&T)!:
Another great moment captured by Cat.

Not quite cross-processing but a slight adjustment of the Red channel in Levels.

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