Little Miss Shopaholic

“What are you wearing?!”

!(imgleft) dress with purple tights)!:
Well, that’s just one of the more polite questions I have been asked throughout my life.

Admittedly, I am utterly, utterly vain. I love looking good when I am in one of those let’s-dress-me-up moods (oh, that rhymes!), regardless of occasion. I love my dresses, love vintage and love trawling eBay, flickr and fashion blogs for ideas. I hate looking like every other girl out shopping in Orchard Road on a Saturday afternoon. I love mixing and matching different colours and textures. I love thrift shopping and budget buying. I love splurging on something that I think is worth my money.

Which is why it really irks me when people say things like that to me.

I believe that when it comes to fashion, there really is no time better than now. We only live in our youth once and to those who ask me why I am wearing what I am wearing, my response is this: “If I don’t wear it now, do I wear it when I am 80?”

Aye, we only live once.

This is why I am going to continue wearing my purple tights, my flapper-esque gold dress from Zara, my black diamond-patterned Topshop tights, my oversized sunglasses and get my bangs cut really short again.

Just because I can!

PS: Credit must go to he-who-is-soon-to-be-my-housemate. He happily goes shopping with me, even to the extent of driving all the way to Bukit Timah because I was dying to check out the Salvation Army there, and never tells me what not to wear. Even when I am wearing what others deem as outlandish, he assures me that I look good.

In fact, I frequently send him MMS or make video calls to him when I am shopping alone so that he can give me a second opinion on items that I am not entirely sure about.

For that, I heart you much much!