Little Miss Shopaholic

To buy or not to buy

!(imgcenter) of affection)!:

Boyfriend says, “No! It’s not practical and definitely not worth $120. You can only wear it like once a year. And only for events like weddings and Christmas. It’s not worth the price.”

yAnn says, “But but but it’s so me and it’s been calling out my name!”

How? Should I splurge or should I just ogle from afar?

Zara tiered pink dress: $119

14 thoughts on “To buy or not to buy”

  1. i prefer the yellow version…save your pennies! hmmm, could you jacket it for the office to make it more versatile?


  2. can wear only once a year ah? wear to office lah…i’m wearing everything to office nowadays, haha.

    oops, i should not encourage you to spend spend spend…


  3. hey…u missed out one part of the story. BF wanted to buy it for you but you hesitated…suggested splitting and you also hesitated…BF knows you gian this long time liao…split offer still open…


  4. Eileen – I did love the yellow version so! But it’s gone now, I think it’s all sold out.

    Maybe I should take up Boyfriend’s offer.


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