The first day

So I really bade the old company, let’s call it Loiters, goodbye last Wednesday.

It was surreal to know that I had finally arrived at The Day despite the fact that I have been stewing on it for the longest time. To know that I would be sitting at a new desk in an entirely new environment one week later was an odd feeling. I wasn’t terribly sad nor was I excited – I guess I knew that it was inevitable.

It’s not that the whole Loiters experience had been dreadful, it’s just that I had made a conscious choice to leave because I felt that I wasn’t learning anything new and with each passing day, a little bit of my soul seemed to have died. I had joined the company because of its brand name and because I felt the steep learning curve would be good for my growth.

But as time went by, the curve stagnated into a plateau, the MSF bullying started and I felt more and more trapped.

And now, here I am, back at where I started from. It’s been quite a journey, moving from words to pictures and now back to words again. It wasn’t the greatest of starts, with the flu bug paying me an unwanted visit. It was strange knowing that I am alien to the normal routine and that eventually, I would be sucked into that same routine.

It seems pleasant enough and yet I can’t muster enough energy and enthusiasm for it. Perhaps it’s the flu dulling my senses. I did have the weirdest dream the night before though: that I thought I was working the afternoon shift at Loiters and upon waking up at 11am, I realise, to my horror, that I had missed my first day of work.

Not the best of starts, really.

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