Boozing weekend

My poor liver.
After the copious drinking that was the weekend, it’s probably ready to throw in the towel and call it quits.

Friday saw us camped out at Zouk for the Gatsby “Moving Rubber” party. As it was organised by the future housemate, I figured it would be nice if I showed a little support. Oh, and the free entry and free drinks didn’t hurt either.

The show was quite dull because we couldn’t really see much from our corner (so much for the perks of being in the media). Trevor, Joker, Popartgirl and I pretty much entertained ourselves the entire time and we did have a whale of a time.

I seldom go clubbing and when I do, Zouk is always my number one choice of venue. On Friday night, I was reminded once again of why I love Zouk so much. The music was awesome, the different decks and the dancefloor felt familiar and the crowd was very, well, Zouk-ish. Forget about MoS and all the other pretenders – it’s only Zouk for me.

Poor boyfriend, whom I had not met in a week, was so exhausted and stressed out, he morphed into his grumpy bear mode. Thankfully, all was forgotten when he came bearing a fistful of drink coupons and a huge box of macaroons from Bakerzin.

And look who turned up at Zouk! My very own BFF!
!(imgcenter) and me)!:

Saturday night saw me hanging out with a group of Loiters colleagues at Oosh at Dempsey Road. Hamish was finally in town for a sales meeting and boy, have we missed him! The teasing, laughing, bitching – it was almost as if he had never left.

When I stabbed at his forearm with my bony finger and demanded he fly down for our wedding next year, he gave me a big bear hug and kissed me on the cheek, telling me he was very happy for me.

That’s the best part about him: that he is not just all fun and laughter but also full of heart. We talk to him frankly about our problems and he dispenses advice like a caring big brother. It’s really strange how we all connected during the three months that he was in Singapore and how distance hasn’t diluted this at all.

Ay, truly, it is the people that I miss most about Loiters.

5 thoughts on “Boozing weekend”

  1. Ayyy i was at Zouk too on Sat night — skipped the Gatsby party though. Was there at midnight and partied til 5am, sheer madness. Too bad I didn’t see you!


  2. Is the Gatsby moving rubber commerical in SG the same as in Japan?
    Over here, it’s Kimura Takuya doing a whimsical but sexy dance.


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