Food ravings

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One of the best things about Kreta Ayer is its proximity to everywhere. It’s not exactly at the heart of busy Shenton Way, nor is it too far out in the suburbs. To be exact, it’s a five-minute walk to Maxwell Food Centre and a seven-minute walk to Tanjong Pagar Food Market.

Ah, the many choices of food that I have now, compared to miserly food court over at Science Park Drive. From eating ban mian almost everyday for the past five months, I am now an unapologetic food whore.

Yesterday I met the Sista for a late lunch and managed to get a plate of my favourite char kway teow with virtually no queue at Tanjong Pagar market. It felt deliciously sinful, with just the right amount of dark soy sauce and chilli topped with a to-die-for portion (possibly literal) of clams. It wasn’t too oily and it slid down my throat smoothly. I finished every sliver of it and muttered a prayer of thanks to the God of Food for allowing such fabulous fare to be had for just $2.

Today, I decided to go back to the market to check out the duck rice stall and ordered a bowl of duck noodles. It was a tad salty but the dark gravy had a nice tinge of herbal bitterness that did not overwhelm my fussy palate. The chilli added a lovely, spicy zing to the noodles and tempered the saltiness. The shredded meat was juicy and tender. The price? A princely $2.50.

Throw in a cup of teh-si (my choice of poison) and a moist blueberry muffin from Chocolat N’ Spice for tea break and my entire working day’s meal is complete. Not too bad for just $4.40, eh?

2 thoughts on “Food ravings”

  1. I’m 8min to tanjong pgr mkt! let’s meet for lunch some time! And choc n spice is my fav muffin place!! YUM!!!


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