Two of Us, Wedding March

Growing old with you

!(imgcenter) at Sentosa)!:

Will you still hold my hands and admire the sunset with me when we are old, grey and wrinkly?

Will you still love me when time has left its vestige on my aspect, when I no longer look upon things in childlike wonder, when age has hampered my mobility and when the years have robbed me of my youth?

Will you still feel the compulsion to hold me when I no longer resemble the 18-year-old girl you fell in love with, when the white hairs run in streaks through my head, when all that’s taut now inches closer towards gravity?

Will you, then, still look upon me and feel the same gush of emotion that you felt when you first said you loved me, whenever we pass a milestone and erect our names in history, when you decided our lives are intertwined forever?



!(imgleft) basket)!: After reading so much about Wacha, a delightful little Japanese restaurant nestled among the quaint shophouses in Ann Siang Road, I decided long ago that it would be my next “to go” place. Since it is located less than 10 minutes walk away from my office, I got the boyfriend to take me there for dinner one Friday evening.

I love Japanese food – the juicy slabs of unagi, clean taste of sashimi and fiery wasabi. And after trying out Wacha’s set dinner, I can say for sure that it’s not going to be my only time there.

Wacha is part restaurant, part shophouse selling gorgeous and delicate lacquer products. It’s got a main shop area with counter seats (where we sat) and a backyard that has sofa seats for groups. There is a basement where I presume the kitchen is hidden. It’s a cosy, tiny outlet that makes you feel like you should talk in whispers lest anything breaks.

We each had the $35 set dinner which comprises of a basket of appetizers, agedashi tofu, main course and dessert.

The sampler of appetizers was amazing. It had six tiny dishes comprising items like egg salad (my favourite!) and octopus drizzled with wasabi dressing (weird but it grows on you).

!(imgleft) tofu)!: The agedashi tofu was done exactly the way I like it: crisp skin, the tofu was firm and the sprinkling of ginger shavings on top gave it extra oomph. We slurped up every bit of the gravy.

!(imgleft) karaage)!: For the main course, the boyfriend chose the chicken karaage set and it was THE BEST KARAAGE I had ever eaten. The skin was crisp and crunchy and the meat was simply juicy. I almost regretted getting the saba set, which had a thick slab of fish, and was nice enough but grew too sweet for my liking.

!(imgleft) ice-cream)!: Dessert took a while to get to us and it came in a minuscule portion too but it was worth the wait. The strawberry ice-cream was sweet and sour at the same time, capturing the essence of real strawberries and the macha biscotti lent it gravitas with its slightly bitter taste.

I’m already missing the food at Wacha just by looking at the pictures. I like!

14, Ann Siang Road, #01-01
Singapore 069694