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I heart Transformers


I never thought I would say this but….those robots are sexy!

I am no fangirl, I can’t recall the details of the cartoons. All I remember is Optimus Prime the retro chic blue and red truck turning into a fearsome robot battling evil. When I read the rather damning review of the movies in the papers, my non-expectations sunk even more drastically.

You don’t really expect arthouse fare when it comes to a classic comics like Transformers, not when it involves Michael Bay. Michael Bay is all about loud bangs and crashes and Transformers doesn’t deviate from that.

But surprisingly, Transformers is more than just explosions. Somehow, Bay has lent the Autobots some heart and soul (Decepticons have neither heart nor brains and are as ugly as sin). I ended up cheering and fearing for them. I love, love, love Bumblebee and I shuddered to see the poor Autobots being tossed around like scrap metal.

Credit must also go to the hardworking Shia LaBeouf for making his thankless character so likeable.

However, the real stars of the show are the robots and the CGI is so gorgeous, you can’t help but be swept away by it all. The familiar metallic sounds of the Autobots transforming brings back fond memories of sitting in front the telly every evening at 6pm, waiting for the cartoons to start. Oh, and singing “Transformers/More than meets the eye”.

Because really, who cares about the plot? Go in there with no semblance of expectation and you will like the movie. There are plenty of laughs and lifelike visuals to make up for the storyline.

My favourite part of the movie: When Megatron mutters “disgusting” and flicks his shiny talon at some poor soul.


One of my favourite scenes in the movie

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