The organised chaos

Overfed and happy

That’s me.
Very overfed, full to the brim and very cheesily happy.

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I went for dinner with Popartgirl and Joker at Quentin’s and we fed ourselves very well indeed with Devil’s Curry and other Eurasian fare. After that, my favourite couple and I decided to pop over to Parkway Parade for the food fair that was at the basement. We shopped and ate two sticks of delicious potong ice-cream each.

Today, the boyfriend and I drove out to JB to run some errands and we shared an Auntie’s Anne pretzel. Our next location was Queensway Shopping Centre and we had a box of muah chee. At Ngee Ann City, we chanced upon the Chili Crab festival and each bought a box of chili crab. We proceeded to tear apart the crabs in the most unglamorous fashion there and then.

I got home and there was a roasted chicken drumstick and a bowl of soup waiting for me. I ATE AT EVERY STOP OF MY WAY.

My clothes are piled out in a corner for me to fold and put into the wardrobe. The suitcase is standing by the door, empty and terribly in need of packing for the Hong Kong trip. My letters are in a mountain on my desk, waiting to be opened. The camera needs charging. The laptop needs charging.

But I am too full to do anything but sit in front of my computer and blog. Gaaaah.
And here’s a picture of an overfed me looking insane last week.
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