Two of Us

Status change

!(imgcenter) after the bling was accepted)!:

Since he blogged about it, I really have no excuse not to.

I flew to Hong Kong, leaving behind a boyfriend in Singapore, and came back with a fiance in tow. And we shall both embark on a journey to become a pair of Smug Marrieds and piss the hell out of every single friend we have.

And because I don’t think anyone would be interested in the cheesy, mushy details, I shall spare you all and hit the sack soon. Maybe in the next post, locked.

12 thoughts on “Status change”

  1. hey gal, i don’t know if you got my reply this afternoon; didnt get any response from you after that..
    but thanks for the message! 🙂
    i’m doing ok, there’s a lot of reading and learning to do.. was asking you when your big day is.. hee..


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