Little Miss Shopaholic, Wedding March

Gown-trying at Ted Wu

Question: What is one thing that a bride-to-be is most obsessed about?
Answer: The wedding gown

Well, it is something that I am mildly obsessed about anyway. Having seen my sister’s frantic anger at her tailor over speed and detail (it’s the boutique that has the same initials as Emma Bitch), I decided to start my search for a bridal boutique early.

First stop was Ted Wu, which is probably one of the more expensive local boutiques around. I took a peek at his website, decided that I like some of his designs and promptly made an appointment. With the dude and Trevor in tow, we visited the boutique earlier this week.

We started out the visit with Jean, one of Ted Wu’s sales assistants, quite pleasantly enough. She sat us down and talked to us about the different packages and showed us photo albums of the photographers working with the boutique. Very professional. After a while, she started bringing out gowns for me to try and that was when the fun started.

First up was a strapless grey gown worn together with a humungous can-can. Dreadful, dreadful! The gown was too big, the can-can swallowed me up and I looked like an upside down stick of meringue. It completely canned (hee hee) my idea of wearing a great swirling concoction of a skirt.

Jean was really sweet though, she insisted that I would still look gorgeous if the many layers of tulle were made to my size. Meanwhile, the boys sat there making snide remarks and sniggering at my new generous girth.

Second was a cream, streamlined toga gown that was sweet enough but didn’t make me go wild. The third was a laughable affair of a short, tulip hem and romantic, chiffon long sleeves. Don’t get me wrong – the dresses were great, just not on me.

And then, Jean disappeared into the back and emerged with a gem of a dress. Well, it was more like a three-piece dress. The inner piece is a dress resembling a mermaid’s tail: simple, unique and classy. Add on the ball skirt and a lacy halter-neck piece and voila! It’s a different dress altogether.

And that, my friends, is my favourite. A classic, traditional wedding dress. My dreams of looking like a meringue has vanished. But I sort of like it, although I do hate looking like a typical bride. Hmm.

!(img) Wu’s gown)!: