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I heart iMac

I’m not dead, just floating

That sums me up right now. I haven’t had much energy and time to write these days, after work and gym. Plus, this thing called Wii (thanks to Bralala!) has been occupying my time, making blogging a secondary activity.

BUT. That’s not why I am writing. The main point is, I have played with the new iMac and I. Bloody. Love. It.

!(imgcenter) iMacs)!:

I attended the Apple briefing today (9 days after the main event, it’s almost sacrilegious) and it was just so awesome.

The iMac was all metallic sexiness, with its slender form and sleek aluminium lines. It’s like how the cute boy-next-door wearing braces has turned into this hunk of a man with delectable abs and yummy biceps, sans braces. The glossy glass screen does reflect light and was a little disconcerting but the images were truly lifelike and vivid. I can’t wait to get me one.

Typing on the new keyboard felt a bit weird initially. Afterall, it’s as slim as a pancake and retains none of the clacking noises that I have grown so used to. It’s surprisingly tactile and easy to use despite its gorgeous form. Some of the keys have changed positions and Expose and Dashboard now have their own dedicated keys.

iLife is really, really cool. I love the “skimming” tool in iPhoto and iMovie. Basically, mousing over a set of events or a clip allows you to view all the different images and frames within. The new way of managing pictures via Events in iPhoto makes it easier for shutterbugs and it definitely looks less clunky than before.

Even iWork looks interesting. Newcomer Numbers makes spreadsheets look funky – you can now place two tables into one spreadsheet and make adjustments to one without affecting the other. Plus, you can also add pictures and sounds to your spreadsheets. Spreadsheets, good looking? Who would have thought?

I heart Apple.

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