Everything Else


Music has always been a huge part of my life and it’s important that I have the right songs for the right moments because I am emo like that.

In my iTunes/iPod, I have a playlist titled “Song song blue” for those days when I am angsty and feeling really, really low. The songs are usually melancholic, haunted lyrical pieces that speak right to the soul. It probably sounds strange that I listen to moody songs when I am already so under the weather but it’s just the way I function. I let myself wallow before perking up with the “Yeah yeah songs” list.

One of my favourite songs is Snow Patrol’s “Run”, from their Final Straw album. That was my first brush with Snow Patrol and it was this song that got me madly hooked onto Snow Patrol. Gary Lightbody’s mellow voice just melted my heart and the guitar riffs were soulful. I knew then this group was a keeper.

American television has always been a great source of music for me and Eva Cassidy was one of the best finds I have ever had. Taken from the soundtrack of “Smallville”, her rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after time” is so clean, simple and heartfelt. Couple that with her early demise and you get a song that breaks your heart.

Another “Smallville” song that’s suitable for those moody nights is Lifehouse’s “Everything”. Back in those days when we were apart but not yet separated, my eyes would water up when the song plays. And when they sang would you tell me how could it be better than this, it made me think, YES.

Coldplay’s “Yellow” is an iconic song but it’s not their version that gets to me these days – the honour belongs to Petra Haden and Bill Frisell. A find from “The O.C.”, Haden’s version of the song is folksy, dreamy and lilting and certainly different from Coldplay’s angsty original.

I think I had heard Embrace’s “Gravity” on Virgin Radio, which was a great recommendation from the F (as he is now known). I really like the intro – the gentle tinkling of the piano before descending into full-blown rock. And the lyrics are so full of confusion and mixed feelings.

And last but not least, The Fray’s “How to save a life” has been resonating in my mind. How often have we not sat down with a friend who was truly in need of a listening ear? How often have we wished there was someone to bring some gentle guidance in our lives when we were down and out? This song speaks the truth and carries a certain amount of reflection.