Geek Girl

Archaic UOB

Which bank in this time and age can proclaim that it does not support Macintosh computers or any browser other than Internet Explorer?

UOB, of course.

I have been logging into my account via their internet banking site for the past few years using Safari on my Mac and it has always worked. Naturally, I would assume that it works on all Macs.

Nah uh. I tried accessing my account at work today and it failed. There was no other more intelligent error message other than “we are unable to process your request” and I had no idea what the problem was. I looked through the FAQs but it was of not much help.

So, I rang up the UOB helpline. In as many words, a customer service officer told me that Macs are not supported, especially if I am not using IE.

When I pointed out that I have been using Safari to log in ever since I had my internet banking account, he helpfully told me that he had no idea of the technicalities involved. Oh, and that the site might load on some Macs but not on others and he didn’t know why.

This is very reassuring to a Mac consumer, UOB. Really reassuring.