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Beat poison with poison

Well, who knew that the best way to beat your tight and painful muscles into submission is to chuck them more weights to lift?

I went for last night’s pump class with legs that made me wince with every step. I blame it on Monday’s yoga and Sunday’s fiasco. Let’s just say that I mistook the weight unit for the machines as pounds and not kilograms. It made me wonder 10″lbs” was so tough to lift when it was actually 10kg. Gah. I didn’t want to push my luck so I lightened my usual weight and did a simple class. And what do you know, the aches and pains are gone today! Well, the calves are still tight but it’s not too bad.

It’s the mid-week and I feel restless and bored. The issue’s been put to bed and now the grind begins again. Not keen.

In other news……there is no other news. My life is boring. If only everyday is full of fireworks. I need to read more, utilize my 400D more and spend more time under the sun. Goodbye.


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