Little Miss Shopaholic, Wedding March

Dress-hunting woes

I have come to realise, rapidly, that I am a dress snob. Really. I’ve been looking at wedding dresses for a while now and I am nowhere close to finding The One Dress.

I think The One Dress does not exist.

Flipping through local bridal magazines leaves me cold. Out of the entire 3kg magazine, of which 85% of the pages are ads, I probably end up clutching five tear sheets of dresses that vaguely interest me. Most of the dresses are either too ruffly, too expensive, too “un-me” or just simply too boring.

Of the three bridal studios – termed “BS” by the Singaporebrides community – that I have visited thus far, only Silhouette has impressed me beyond the usual tepid “oh, it’s nice”. To be fair, Ted Wu has interesting ideas, classic lines and excellent workmanship. But it was just…nice.

D’sire certainly had the most innovative designs, although the range was rather limited. I felt like a Barbie princess in their gowns. Most importantly, their prices are easy to swallow down if you are not looking for details like built-in boning and they are really flexible when it comes to ala carte.

But Silhouette hit the right spot when Minda, the designer attending to me, put her hands on her hips, scrutinized me for a moment while I stood there posing in one of their gorgeous poufy gowns and said, “You would look so good with big curls and a flower in your hair.”

It was exactly what I had in mind.
But I just can’t bear to splash out that amount of cash for a dress, as beautiful as it makes me feel.

Sandy got it right when she said she doesn’t remember her married friends’ dresses, except that they all looked amazing on that day. Maybe The One Dress is just an urban marketing tool, just like Tiffany & Co, to make women feel like they need to have it in order to be a happy bride. For practical reasons, breath-taking dresses are out of the question because frankly, I would rather splurge on my house.

Perhaps, all I need is to find something that makes me feel happy and beautiful. All the future husband (or FH, in the confusing bridal world of abbreviations) wants is to see me happy and that’s all it matters.

In the meantime….could I have one of these dresses please?

!(imgcenter) to enlarge)!:

8 thoughts on “Dress-hunting woes”

  1. Believe u would look great in any dress of your choosing!!!!
    I guess it is true that women look their best twice in their life time….when they get married and when they are pregnant


  2. The Silouette gowns do look very good!
    Omg, dress-hunting sounds fun….can I come along the next time you decide to shop for dresses again?


  3. Its the bride that makes the bride, not the dress that makes the bride. U’ll look beautiful in anything u are comfortable in… Have u tried Kai? and Bridal Veil? These 2 may suit ur taste, they’re bit more contemporary, sorta like the dresses u chose.I also recently discovered Divine Couture, there’s a website u can google it.Happy Hunting, and start practisin tht kiss.


  4. Hey, go for it. Once in a lifetime.Silhouette is a great choice! hmm…how about tanyoong?he’s ex though. there’s bridal veil by huimin too i guess.


  5. Adrian: thanks for the vote of confidence man! 🙂

    Stella: Honestly getting bored of the offerings here. But hey thanks for the recommendations, will check them out!

    nonchann: there is this little voice in me that’s going, “the dress can buy you one iMac and a Nintendo Wii”…urghs!


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