Little Miss Shopaholic

An Orla Kiely home?


There is something about Orla Kiely that I can’t really define.

Is it the bright, chirpy colours?
Is it the graphic prints that evoke feelings of Spring and brings to mind the happy feelings of running through the grass?
Is it the retro-esque combination of colours and huge floral prints?

Whatever it is, I adore Orla Kiely. When I was in Hong Kong, the boyfriend had to drag me out of the boutique because every bag, every skirt and every wall covering (!!) was just calling out my name. Unfortunately, my budget had busted and there was no way I could have afforded one of those perky little babies.

Now, you can actually do up your house in Orla Kiely prints! Lux Interior in Dubai gives you the options of having an Orla Kiely Colour House.

Meanwhile, I shall just make do with a pretty sundress that tries valiantly to replicate the colourful quirky prints. Whee.

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