Little Miss Shopaholic


!(imgleft) jeans)!:
I can’t remember when I started having the hots for Uniqlo but it was always a desire that was unattainable simply because Uniqlo is not available in Singapore.

Just like mass brands such as Giordano, Uniqlo features basics such as tees and jeans. But unlike Giordano, Uniqlo products always seem to be slightly edgy, quirky and just a touch different, being Japanese.

When I got to Hong Kong, I was thrilled that the city had a Uniqlo store right next to the MTR (was it Mongkok or Tsim Shat Tsui?). We trooped down and were not disappointed by what we found.

The boyfriend picked up a cool pair of black plastic spectacle frames for just S$10. I….I bought a pair of skinny jeans (S$60), a sweet pleated skirt (S$40?), two funky graphic tee shirts for my mother and I (S$20 in all) and boxers for Trev and the boyfriend (S$20). And now, TZ has helped me purchase this lovely white blouse from Japan that costs just S$10 because of the seasonal sale.

I love the skinny jeans. They fit perfectly and feel so comfortable. I was initially hesitant because I normally get my jeans from Levi’s (the only ones that fit me) but I could not resist the deep black colour and the fact that its skinny cut is not just tight. I don’t usually wear tees but the Uniqlo one looks cool especially with black jeans, which is what I practically live in these days when I don’t have appointments.

Uniqlo, could you please consider setting up shop in Singapore please?