The organised chaos

Blessed marriage

The Sista finally walked down the aisle today and she looked lovely, lovely, lovely.

We’ve always had some sort of temperamental relationship – some days we are good, some days we are quarrelsome. But underneath it all, we know that we love each other and I know that while she bullies me often, she will stand up for me if I get bullied. In fact, she has always been the feisty one while I am more of a pushover (which explains why she always gets away with “borrowing” my things).

But it’s been such a long journey for her, what with the glaucoma and the many failed relationships. Now she’s found someone who can live with her, weird antics and bad habits and all (he’s apparently got similar bad habits so they are obviously made for each other). He is good to her, makes her happy and that’s all it matters.

Of course, I went a little boo hoo during the ceremony and the speeches but the mother held strong, surprisingly.

Dear Sista, I am happy that you have finally found the right person to settle down with. I love you and I am glad to have you in my life.

Here’s a song that really sums up my mood for today:

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