Alcohol is Anything to Everything

!(imgcenter) girls!)!:

If there is one thing that still links the choir to me, it’s the girls. These days, I find that the choir has changed so much that it’s not longer my choir. But even though there is a distance between me and what once used to be a staple in my life, the friendships among the girls have only grown deeper and closer.

We haven’t gone clubbing for yonks and it was time to set up a date. Given that I had taken the next day off, it was perfect for us to go paint the town red.

The night had started off quietly enough (by comparison to what happened after) as we had a sumptuous dinner at Vivocity’s Carnivore. The Brazilian churrascaria was fabulous! The lamb was tender without losing bite and its musky aroma wasn’t overwhelming. The salad bar had so many varieties and I loved the sauteed onions, prawn cocktail and onion soup best.

We went off to St James Power Station after that and the madness begins when the cameras are whipped out of our tiny purses. We moved from room to room, whenever we got bored and it was great that there was so much variety.

At Powerhouse, the five free drinks were generous enough to heal the pain I felt at the music being spun (it sucks! Zouk, please?). When we moved to Movida, we shook our booties in time with the infectious rhythm of the music played by the hot Latin band. Sandy, in particular, was outstanding on stage and we should have christened that night her second hen night.

Bellini Room was classier – we sipped champagne, listened with glee at the jazz big band and giggled at the singer’s skinny jeans, oily mop of hair and angsty expressions. Bing and I had the lion’s share of the champers….can I just reiterate again how much I adore champers?

At the end of the night, we were thoroughly exhausted and it was only fitting that we were sent home by a pair of Mercedes Benz cabs.

Another girly date coming up soon, I hope!
And yeah…the title of the post? I made it up with no meaning in mind but I like the way it sounds. Heh.

More pictures here.

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