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I want to ride my bicycle

!(imgcenter) pink bike)!

I’m starting to feel the itch of riding.

It’s been yonks since I had last (and first, actually) gone mountain-biking and since then, my legs have been longing to peddle again. It’s hard to define why I really like it: it felt good to maneouvre past uneven ground, it felt good to be able to ride up slope (or die trying, anyway), it felt good to whoosh down the slope with the wind whizzing in your ear, it felt good to get all dirty and sweaty and muddy.

But it was rather torturous to get to the trail though. The boyfriend and I had to buy a rack, at the last minute. We drove down to East Coast Park to rent the bikes and after spending hours assembling the rack, we managed to attach them to the rack. But it felt so filmsy that he had to drive really slowly on the expressway to make sure the bikes don’t fall off. It felt so darn stressful.

I am liking that pink Kona Lisa though. Lovely, isn’t it? Though I wonder if I will have any street cred left. The Queen Kikapu sounds amazing too.
Christmas/birthday present, anyone?

1 thought on “I want to ride my bicycle”

  1. Funny. I was in Taka today, and as I passed the bike section, I just had the slightest hankering to mtb. Love it love it love it.

    I still lust after the Voodoo bike that whatzhername was riding. Booooooodifool. If only $1000 would drop from the sky.


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