Silly things

Bunnies galore!

This is one of the cutest and best ads I have seen in a while now.

Dear Fallon, can I have a bunny please? Preferably the giant-sized red one standing in the middle of New York City?

Besides cute bunnies, I have been quite taken by some really ugly raving rabbids. They are stupid, bug-eyed, primitive and extremely hilarious. This is one of the most hilarious and ridiculous games I have ever played but it is so much fun! Some of the silly “trials” you have to pass in order to move on to the next stage: swing a huge cow by its chain to throw it as far away as possible, drown invading rabbids by squirting carrot juice into their diving masks, shoot the rabbids down with toilet plungers, play football with a rabbid as the ball, slap shut the toilet doors of rabbids doing their business or be shot at with toilet plungers.

Check out the video, it is so stupidly funny:

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