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Down but definitely not out

This has not been a good month for me, healthwise.

Two weeks ago, I found out that I suffer from giant papilliary conjunctivitis. My eyes have gone sensitive and are rejecting contact lens. That would explain the dryness in my eyes that I have had to suffer through for the past six months and the tiny bumps that my allergic eyes have caused to form under the eyelids. I’m now off contacts for one month and on two different eye drops everyday. Hopefully, the eyes will heal and I can go back to contacts. But right now, I am getting used to wearing glasses 24/7 so I’ll probably reduce the frequency of contact lens days in future.

Now, I have just been told that I have heartburn. Basically, acid from the stomach moves upwards into the esophagus and throat, causing discomfort (obviously) and a slight burning sensation. This, coupled with my extremely sensitive nose, has led to an ulcer forming in my throat. So that explains why my throat has gone wonky on me for the past five months.

I’m on meds for a month and have to restrict my diet because certain foods can trigger the reflux. That means no coffee, tea (!), carbonated drinks, spicy foods (!!), chocolate (!!!), tomatoes (!!!), all citrus fruits, milk, oil, cream and fat.

I’ve also been given meds to reduce the swelling in my nose and a cream to apply on the poor, burnt throat.

Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet but I’m not terribly upset, to be honest. I’m glad to have a reason to go off contact lens for a while because frankly, these lens are really not good for the eyes. As for the throat and all, I am just happy that it’s not cancer (which I had been worried about) but something as straightforward as heartburn.

Moral of the story? Please take care of your health. Who knew such a little body like mine can host so many problems?

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