The organised chaos

Pretense is the game

There are some who say that imbibing alcohol will loosen tongues and allow secret thoughts to be made public. Others believe that what come out from an excess of the spirits are nothing but rambling nonsense. Then, there are those who think that many hide behind the cloak of drunkenness to say what they truly feel without the fear of embarrassment.

Which school of thought should I trust?

Neither, is the answer. What I have chosen to do is to close one eye and pretend that nothing has been said or done in that stupor. Ignorance is bliss, or so they say. And now that I have gone past the shock and discomfort, I shall move forward by never acknowledging the spoken words that had hung between us, slippery with truth, mockery and a thousand shades of grey.


!(imgcenter) of business travel)!:
Business travel always vexes me, because I can never sleep once night falls. It’s the unfamiliarity of the surroundings that turns the mind into an elusive, energetic monkey.

But it had been a nice break, punctuated by pockets of time for me to re-read some books, sit in cafes and have a cup of tea with no sense of hurry and the chance to meet new people.

Plus, the storm is over. The boyf has been texting me whenever he gets network coverage in the jungles. But it’s going to be no-communications zone for the next week. It’s fine, though. Like I said, the storm has passed and a new shore may just be appearing on the horizon.

We’ll see.