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Who wears socks and tights?

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I have been in love with tights for a while now. I love how they jazz up an outfit, transform something old into something new and brighten up the wearer immediately.

The obsession started with a dark purple pair – subtle and unobtrusive, yet not as dull as plain black. It continued with a pair of black hoisery with diamond patterns, lending a sexy touch to an outfit without screaming out “tart!” (I was contemplating fishnet ones…).

Then, I had a craving for chili red tights. I imagined wearing a mod dress in black with the red tights worn into black booties and I couldn’t get it out of my head. This means that I have to buy a) a mod black dress, b) red tights and c) booties. I ended up with the booties, a bright blue pair of tights and two black dresses that I bought especially to match the tights. Go figure.

One afternoon, while waiting for a cab to bring me back to the office, I zipped into Topshop and look, a fabulously bright pair of pink tights! Sod red, I got the pink instead.

And then last weekend, I dropped by River Island (fast becoming one of my favourite haunts) and there it was, the exact thing that I had been contemplating: ladylike knee socks in grey. The wallet came out faster than one could say “whee” and I am now a proud owner of a pair of knee socks in grey with girly ribbons.

I have no idea how or what I am going to wear it with yet but I shall find out soon. Because isn’t that the joy of fashion – to mix the unthinkable and come up with something absolutely delightful and out of this world?

3 thoughts on “Who wears socks and tights?”

  1. i heart you. i have dark purple, bright purple, lime green, dark green,greenish blue, black, maroon…I wear them almost everyday here.

    It goes very well with boots, pumps, flats…


  2. Ash – Don’t cry, don’t cry, you are not alone here. I don’t know if I can wear fishnets….what if I look tarty??

    Stella – omg I heart you too! You must take some pictures and show me!


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