Health Goddess

Learning to breathe

In and out, in and out.

When I woke up this morning, I and was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the air had flowed into my body when I breathed. It’s been so long since I have had allergic rhinitis that I have forgotten what it is like to inhale without any difficulty.

I sat on my bed and experimented again. Closed my eyes, breathed in and out, in and out. And it felt so good, the movement of delicious air down into my lungs.

Granted, it was due to the duo action of anti-histamines and nasal spray but for the time being, I just reveled in breathing. It made the two-hour wait at the clinic and my doctor’s diagnosis (90% of my nasal passageway is congested) worthwhile.

It’s amazing how one can forget something as basic as breathing. I have grown so used to this stuffy nose of mine that it never occurred to me how much I would miss the feeling of the air flowing smoothly through my nose.

I have forgotten, and missed, a lot of things.

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