Two of Us, Wedding March

Eight and 258

!(imgcenter) together)!:

Eight years of togetherness. And it was only yesterday that seven seemed to be a long time for us.

No relationship is perfect and neither is ours. But it really depends on how you want to see it – you either focus on the differences or you think about what you have going for the two of you and work on those. I’d like to think that after all these years, we have managed to carve out a balance of compromises and that there would be a lifetime of compromises ahead of us.

I’ve never really been able to articulate why I love him. Sure, he makes me laugh, he has a knack of ignoring my antics, he says the silliest things.

After eight years, I just love him. No questions asked, no disclaimers, no conditions.

It’s not perfect but it’s enough for us.

Just 258 more days to the start of a new life.


2008 should be an interesting year ahead. As Popartgirl says, new job, new husband, new house.

Happy new year, everyone.

Two of Us, Wedding March

The house is growing!

!(imgcenter) east end)!:

13 out of 17 storeys in one year is surely fast work. And then our little home will be ready. Coupled with the purchase of the dress, the new job and the finalised venue and date, everything seems to be falling nicely.

Can you blame me for being all mushy and soppy? Awwww.


Gunther’s at Purvis Street

In the past few months, I was lucky enough to check out some of the best restaurants in Singapore, especially those along Purvis Street. But work commitments and sheer laziness ensured that I merely ate and wrote nothing and I now hang my head in shame (because I have on a break for more than a week). As the year draws to a close, I shall recount my experiences at these places, all of which I hope I would have the chance to dine at again in the near future.


Light and simple. That’s how the food at Gunther’s is.

If I had to cast my vote on the best restaurant that I have ever been to, it would definitely go to Gunther’s, part of the Garibaldi Group. Helmed by the former Les Amis chef Gunther Hubrechsen, the modern French eatery along Purvis Street is dimly lit amid the low murmurs of conversations. Yes, this is not a restaurant where Mr Beng Businessman can shout into his mobile phone. The setting is quiet and intimate enough while the service staff were helpful, polite and friendly. It seemed rather tiny on first sight, until we walked past an enclave where more tables were hidden away.

This was a working lunch so no pictures but believe me when I say that the food was fabulous. We started off our lunch with bread sticks paired with oh-so-delectable butter that was elegantly and lightly salted. J couldn’t get enough of the butter and frankly, neither could I.

We chose not to order from the set lunch (which, at $38, is a great deal) since it was a free lunch for all of us (courtesy of J’s entertainment expenses). As it was a grey and drizzly day, we opted for the onion soup served in a bread pot for starters. For mains, I had the grilled bamboo clams while J and K selected the cod.

The onion soup was a perfect choice for the weather. The crusty pastry broke delicately and the soup was musky with a touch of saltiness that made all of us feel warm and toasty inside.

As for the mains, J and K couldn’t stop gushing about their cod main – which looked deceptively tiny but left them at the right level of fullness. As for my clams, any worries I had about filling my stomach were assuaged. The clams were sweet and complemented the mushrooms and tangy tomatoes perfectly.

For desserts, we decided to share the apple tart and molten chocolate cake. Instead of a chunk of apple tart topped with vanilla ice-cream as we had all been expecting, out came a thin sliver of pastry that tasted of sweet apple and aromatic cinnamon.

The lunch ended with petit fours – which was a nice touch except for the canele (none of us liked it very much). Another personal touch was seeing the chef out of his kitchen and going from table to table to speak with the patrons. When I told him that my meal was really perfect, thank you very much, he smiled and gave me a little wink. Sweet.

Don’t ask me how much we had spent in all but I reckon J’s company is at least $250 poorer after feeding the three of us (and that’s without any wine or liquor). If I had the chance to go back to Gunther’s, I would definitely try the six-course $128 tasting menu. Oh, and the $38 set lunch is apparently available on weekends too. Go try it now!

After the meal, I gave J a hug and told him it was a lucky thing for us that he had changed his mind and chose Gunther’s instead of Wild Rocket.

36 Purvis Street, #01-03
Tel: 6338-8955

Geek Girl, Photography


One of the best things I have received this year is a surprise. Originally, I didn’t think Jimmy and I would be exchanging Christmas gifts at all because a) we had been hanging out a lot as both of us took a nice long break from work and b) he’s not a surprise guy. So to my amusement and great curiosity, he said that he had gotten a gift for me and it wasn’t a super fantastic hairdryer (which I have been dying to get).

Out of the pretty package came a gorgeous necklace handmade by his colleague (check out her site for some jewellery lusting) and….a Canon 50mm f/1.8 MK-II prime lens!

It’s an amazing piece of baby and I have been trying it out whenever I can. The picture of my dress in the previous post was taken with the lens (a neat piece of work, I might add). I’m still a noob but thank heavens for the great wide world of Internet. The flickr groups for the lens (here and here) have been great sources of information, as is this write-up and this introduction to Canon EOS lens.

For someone who has been working with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, the sharpness and the DOF that comes with the prime lens is just heavenly. I still love my basic kit lens – it honestly works great for me although many diss it – but the 50mm really adds another dimension to my pictures.

Plus, now I can go play with Bokeh!

Here’s a picture taken with my hardworking new lens (and in low, awful light setting) before I go:
!(imgcenter) Hsu Ching and Dylan)!:

Wedding March

In love with tulle

!(imgcenter) and layers of tulle)!:

Wedding dress: checked.

I know, it’s another eight months before the wedding, there’s plenty of time. But this is just like when we bought the house – when you see the one, you know it’s the one.

It’s now hanging in my wardrobe and I’m really, really thrilled. But no, you won’t be seeing pictures of me in it anytime soon. The day anyone else sees it is either during the wedding or in the pictures after. 🙂

Did I mention how happy I am with the purchase?

Photography, The organised chaos

The merriest Christmas!

!(imgcenter) around during Christmas)!:

To everyone reading this (a grand total of…10?), here’s wishing you a most blessed and wonderful Christmas! May Santa bring you all the presents that you have asked for and the festive season will turn you into a turkey (not literally, of course) stuffed with good food and good company.

And since there seems to be a prerequisite to post couple-y pictures for Christmas blog posts, I reckon the one we took over the weekend would fit very nicely.

More Christmas madness here

The organised chaos

En route to Domestic Goddesshood

!(imgcenter) wish this was my loo)!:

So the Mum and the Sista are off to Hong Kong for a holiday. I’m not part of the tour group because a) I initially thought I would be off to Hongkers for business in early December (that didn’t materialise after I resigned) and b) the Sista didn’t ask me (biatch).

Anyhow, the house is really big and empty for just one person to stay in, especially since I would only venture between my room and the kitchen. But strangely enough, this sense of independence has brought on the inspired domestic goddess in me.

I cleaned my toilet.

Granted, I did it after my shower (which I was told is the wrong way round) but still, it’s nice and sparkling clean now. I Jif-fed the sink and the glass ledge holding my toiletries, flushed the toilet bowl with some potent chemicals, cleaned the toilet seat with antiseptic wipes and “mopped” the bathroom floor.

I also microwaved the sponge that I used to clean the sink, soaked the toothbrush/toothpaste holder in hot water, cooked lunch and watered the Mum’s plants!

All in a day’s work, aye.

Now excuse me while I go prep myself for yummy martinis at Morton’s Bar with the boyfriend (my hands are fried by the detergents). It’s such a hard life being a domestic goddess, sigh.

The organised chaos

Too swiftly

I’ve never understood the speed at which people move on from the death of a relationship which, just like the death of a loved one, deserves a proper mourning period. This is someone who has shared your joys, your anger, your tears, your fears – every bit of your life that is privy to him and him alone. How does that change so fast?

Does the song you used to hear in the car not bring back the flood of memories? Or the place where you had your first date? Or the feel of his lips against yours, his arm nestled in the crook of your back? Or those morning text messages that used to bring a smile to your face?

It had taken me a long, long time to decide that I was ready to move on, ready to be myself again, ready to fill the void that he had left behind. Maybe I wasn’t strong enough or maybe I just cared too much. But ultimately, I was glad that I remained true to myself and became a wiser and stronger person in the process.

In case you are wondering what brought on the tirade, it’s the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Watching the show never fails to leave me in tears. Whether it is Izzie mourning Denny’s death to Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” or Burke leaving Cristina at the altar as Ingrid Michaelson sings “Keep Breathing”, there is always something that hits home at the spot where it really hurts. Okay, it’s probably something only Grey’s fans like yuniek will understand (just watch that ep!).

But, still. People move on too quickly and I don’t know how to catch up.

Little Miss Shopaholic, Photography

Back to Haji Lane

!(imgcenter) Lane by night)!:

I had decided not to attend yesterday’s Fash Bash because I am seriously in need of saving my pennies. But when the boyfriend suggested going down to Haji Lane’s Live Fresh Shopaholic Party, how could I resist? I mean, it’s Haji Lane!

The lovely little nook (I love calling it that) hadn’t changed much since I last stepped foot there: there was Salad and its minimalist homeware (scored a present for Squirt), Pluck and its vintage offerings, and others like Collage and White Room.

I swooped into Soon Lee and came away clutching a paper bag with a black, shiny mod minidress. It went perfectly well with my newly-acquired chili red tights. I’ve always had a thing for Soon Lee, with its retro telephones and whimsical dresses. The boyfriend had to physically restrain me from purchasing a pair of cute nutcracker figurines for the house.

I have a sneaky feeling that I will be back at Haji Lane (and the very scary Soon Lee) very soon.

Wedding March

Little Miss Ficklepants

Those who know me well must know what a fickle person I can be. Less than a month ago, I excitedly emailed and messaged my friends to say that I have found the bridal studio that will design and turn my wedding dress into a frothy reality. Soon after, my venue coordinator texted me the number of the tailor who had made her gown and I started swinging that way.

Last week, I popped into Allure Charix for a quick look and decided that I liked some of their gowns. I made an appointment to try on their dresses and two minutes after stepping out of the shop, I rang the boyf up and told him excitedly that I had found THE DRESS. The only problem was, we had to buy it now because it’s an off-the-rack dress and it was the last piece left. It was also one size too big for my frame.

“Sounds nice,” he said thoughtfully. “But I am just afraid that you will find something else that you like better after that.”

I rang Squirt up next and told her about it. After much squealing and ooh-ing and aah-ing, she advised me to buy the dress and stop my search.

“It’s like your husband. There will always be better looking men out there but you make the commitment to just one man,” she intoned sagely.

The pros of the dress: it’s the exact look that I want, I look gorgeous in it (haha!), it’s light and frothy enough for a beach wedding, the price is awesome and the alteration fees are really reasonable.

The cons of buying the dress now: I still have 10 months to go and I don’t know where to store the dress, I might end up liking other dresses, the material and workmanship is decent but not super fantastic.

But as Denise pointed out accurately, nobody is going to flip my dress over to look at the way the stitches are sewn while I am wearing it. And no one else but the wearer will know that the beads are of low quality, there is no boning to hold up the dress and that a 13-year-old girl guide could have sewn on the paddings more securely.

Decisions, decisions. How?!