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Picture Perfect, Part 1

Many have asked me how the wedding preparations are going. Well, the venue has been booked and the date has been set. But that’s it. The good thing about being engaged for almost two years (if you count from the day we bought the east end…which means technically, I proposed) is that we have the luxury of time.

But the one thing we have been sure about all along is photography. Both of us are photo snobs and this is why we are eschewing the standard studio photography. We once took one look at an album at a bridal studio and burst into laughter because we simply couldn’t imagine taking such shots.

Picture this: bride in skimpy gown lying on top of groom and exchanging hot, lusty looks and then bride and groom in various ethnic costumes ranging from Korean han bok to traditional Chinese kwa in front of the “Eiffel Tower” (read: blue screen). Okay, that may work for others but we abhor it. If I have to exchange hot, lusty looks with my fiancé while lying on top of him, I would giggle my lungs out and then squeeze his extensive love handles.

So today, I present to you the first of the few fine photographers that we really like. Their pictures speak to us and we love the way they play with lighting and angles. And essentially, capturing moments and expressions are what we are looking for. For the intangible part, I love how their pictures give me the shivers and leave me moved. But photography is very subjective: what clicks with me may not be up your alley.

Kelvin Koh from LightedPixels

When Jimm (the fiancé, boyfriend, whatever) emailed Kelvin, he wasn’t too far off when he said that we were closet fans of Kelvin on Clubsnap! His wedding pictures always give me the sniffles and that is an important albeit irrational (hey, it’s my wedding) criteria.

Kelvin’s so good with shadows and light and goodness knows how my stint at Loiters has shown me that I am a sucker for silhouette shots. And he makes the brides look utterly gorgeous, which is another important criteria (nobody says that the grooms look utterly handsome, right?).

Enough talk, here’s his work. All pictures are taken from his blog. Sigh, so breathtaking, right?







3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect, Part 1”

  1. Yeah, I’m also a sucker for good photography…..too bad my own wedding photos are not really up to my expectations, more really tied in closely to the budget I allowed myself to give. My fault.

    I took my own SLR along but managed to take a candid snaps without the studio guys making a fuss. I would love to take the photos of my bride (wife) if the situation allows. Would any studio be such a commercial dummy to allow their customers to do as such????


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