Wedding March

Little Miss Ficklepants

Those who know me well must know what a fickle person I can be. Less than a month ago, I excitedly emailed and messaged my friends to say that I have found the bridal studio that will design and turn my wedding dress into a frothy reality. Soon after, my venue coordinator texted me the number of the tailor who had made her gown and I started swinging that way.

Last week, I popped into Allure Charix for a quick look and decided that I liked some of their gowns. I made an appointment to try on their dresses and two minutes after stepping out of the shop, I rang the boyf up and told him excitedly that I had found THE DRESS. The only problem was, we had to buy it now because it’s an off-the-rack dress and it was the last piece left. It was also one size too big for my frame.

“Sounds nice,” he said thoughtfully. “But I am just afraid that you will find something else that you like better after that.”

I rang Squirt up next and told her about it. After much squealing and ooh-ing and aah-ing, she advised me to buy the dress and stop my search.

“It’s like your husband. There will always be better looking men out there but you make the commitment to just one man,” she intoned sagely.

The pros of the dress: it’s the exact look that I want, I look gorgeous in it (haha!), it’s light and frothy enough for a beach wedding, the price is awesome and the alteration fees are really reasonable.

The cons of buying the dress now: I still have 10 months to go and I don’t know where to store the dress, I might end up liking other dresses, the material and workmanship is decent but not super fantastic.

But as Denise pointed out accurately, nobody is going to flip my dress over to look at the way the stitches are sewn while I am wearing it. And no one else but the wearer will know that the beads are of low quality, there is no boning to hold up the dress and that a 13-year-old girl guide could have sewn on the paddings more securely.

Decisions, decisions. How?!