Little Miss Shopaholic, Photography

Back to Haji Lane

!(imgcenter) Lane by night)!:

I had decided not to attend yesterday’s Fash Bash because I am seriously in need of saving my pennies. But when the boyfriend suggested going down to Haji Lane’s Live Fresh Shopaholic Party, how could I resist? I mean, it’s Haji Lane!

The lovely little nook (I love calling it that) hadn’t changed much since I last stepped foot there: there was Salad and its minimalist homeware (scored a present for Squirt), Pluck and its vintage offerings, and others like Collage and White Room.

I swooped into Soon Lee and came away clutching a paper bag with a black, shiny mod minidress. It went perfectly well with my newly-acquired chili red tights. I’ve always had a thing for Soon Lee, with its retro telephones and whimsical dresses. The boyfriend had to physically restrain me from purchasing a pair of cute nutcracker figurines for the house.

I have a sneaky feeling that I will be back at Haji Lane (and the very scary Soon Lee) very soon.

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