The organised chaos

Too swiftly

I’ve never understood the speed at which people move on from the death of a relationship which, just like the death of a loved one, deserves a proper mourning period. This is someone who has shared your joys, your anger, your tears, your fears – every bit of your life that is privy to him and him alone. How does that change so fast?

Does the song you used to hear in the car not bring back the flood of memories? Or the place where you had your first date? Or the feel of his lips against yours, his arm nestled in the crook of your back? Or those morning text messages that used to bring a smile to your face?

It had taken me a long, long time to decide that I was ready to move on, ready to be myself again, ready to fill the void that he had left behind. Maybe I wasn’t strong enough or maybe I just cared too much. But ultimately, I was glad that I remained true to myself and became a wiser and stronger person in the process.

In case you are wondering what brought on the tirade, it’s the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Watching the show never fails to leave me in tears. Whether it is Izzie mourning Denny’s death to Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” or Burke leaving Cristina at the altar as Ingrid Michaelson sings “Keep Breathing”, there is always something that hits home at the spot where it really hurts. Okay, it’s probably something only Grey’s fans like yuniek will understand (just watch that ep!).

But, still. People move on too quickly and I don’t know how to catch up.

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